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Women’s International Day 2019

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On International Women’s Day, I attended my first Women’s Day event! Women Like Me – built for women in business to come together and empower each other. 

As it was my first event like this representing Curvaceous Fashion, I was a little nervous and anxious! I’m actually a bit of an introvert when it comes to public speaking and meeting new people and like most introverts, I can let this stop myself from experiencing new things! I’m SO glad I pushed through this fear and got to meet some incredible women who are all entrepreneurs running their own businesses. Listening to their stories was so empowering, hearing all about how they started their business, the struggles they have had, to the turning point in their business that has led to the successes they’ve achieved so far. The whole day was focused around empowering each other, listening to our strengths, our weaknesses and our goals – then holding each other accountable for the goals that we’ve actually set! 

In business, it’s so key to have an accountability partner so that you can check up on each other, see if there’s anything you need within your business that the other person might be able to help with – this event felt like having a whole group of accountability partners, clapping for you and wanting to see you win! It’s such a refreshing feeling, especially when so many women in business are subjected to a “competition culture” – at Curvaceous we are all about collaboration over competition!

At the event we created vision boards to help us to visualise our goals, we got to network with each other and learn about the different businesses, from accounting to insurance, lawyers to women in the health sector – it was vast! 

As an added bonus, ladies at the event purchased Curvaceous Fashion garments and the feedback I’ve received from them has served as a reminder why I do what I do! One of the ladies bought our Grenadine Ruffle Off Shoulder Bodycon Mini Dress and wore it to her latest podcast which is exciting! We are now in talks to collab which is amazing – and goes to show that if I’d have let my fear take over, overwhelm me, consume me and not attended this event, I wouldn’t have made so many inspiring connections. I’m really looking forward to the next event that is being held, not just because it’s great for Curvaceous Fashion to have the brand exposure, but also for myself to have more confidence around the level of business that I’m aiming for. They say you take on qualities of those you surround yourself with, so it’s important to be around BOSSES! Women bosses in business, who are taking risks, carving their own paths and building the businesses that they need to see in the world. 

If you are a female running a business or an aspiring business owner, I can’t recommend this type of networking event enough! 

Until next time, 

Shauna, founder & CEO of Curvaceous Fashion


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